Important: My name is Seven. I'm 13 years old, ablebodied, and white.

Less important: I'm agender (TME), my pronouns are he/it, and I am aroace.

BYF: I cannot tag swearing and caps, I rarely reclaim the R slur (can tag), and I try to give everyone I meet a chance. If someone is shitty, PLEASE TELL ME. I'm very likely unaware.

DNI: People who treat Neil weird. Other than that no criteria I'll just block anyone I don't like

HELL YEAH: Neil Cicierega, Lemon Demon, Roblox, guns, gore, cyberpunk aesthetics, cool friends

HELL NAW: Drama, dead chats, being desperately bored

DETAILED BIO: Ayo. I'm Seven, and I'm just an internet artist desperately trying to get by. I don't think I will, but regardless, support is appreciated. My current main interest is Neil Cicierega and his works. Currently, they're the only things that make me happy anymore. Awesome life here in [GENERIC HOUSEHOLD]. Additional interests I have are cyberpunk aesthetics/themes, guns, gore, stories about paranormal shit and alternative timelines, and early internet. If you're worried about stuff I like that's potentially triggering, feel free to ask me to tag it.


TWITTER: medicguts / mouthsiience

TOYHOUSE: mouthmoods

TUMBLR: machine-ghost


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