SPIRIT PHONE: Spirit Phone is the main protagonist of the story. He is a journalist being targeted by aliens, ghosts, demons, and other paranormalities. He talks about his experiences, although everyone thinks he's a nut. Despite this, he's managed to get an alright following.

CLOWN CIRCUS: Clown is the big bad villain of the story. He's the one summoning demons n shit to attack Spirit Phone and his chums. ...and a couple of other people. Cus he's just evil like that.

MOUTH DREAMS: Dreams is a friend of Spirit Phone's who is being haunted by ghosts. They're a sleep-deprived shut in who usually spends his time outside talking to his two friends as they overanalyze his dreams.

MOUTH SILENCE: Silence is a

VIEW-MONSTER: V-M is a robot built fourteen years before the story's beginning. He is not very sure why he was built, and it is currently trying to find out. In the meantime, he's set on watching over Dinosaurchestra.

HIP TO THE JAVABEAN: komaeda nagito

DAMN SKIPPY: Skippy is an aspiring magician with a shapeshifting tail being

DINOSAURCHESTRA: Dino is a young boy living

GUY: White girl